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Plaintiff secures substantial recovery relating to nursing home’s failure to prevent and properly treat pressure sores

October 26, 2010 — Plaintiff secures substantial recovery relating to nursing home’s failure to prevent and properly treat pressure sores Mr. Dudensing has secured a $2 million recovery on behalf of an elder in connection with a facility’s failure to prevent and properly treat multiple pressure sores on the victim’s lower legs and feet. Ultimately, the plaintiff died as a result of these avoidable injuries. The evidence showed that the facility’s failures were the product of a corporate plan by this large nursing home chain to maximize profits at the expense of patient care. “The only thing that these corporate owners respond to is civil lawsuits that hit them in the pocket book. This case is a classic example of how corporate greed caused immeasurable pain, suffering and death to a vulnerable elder,” Dudensing explained.

Nursing home’s egregious elder abuse results in policy limits settlement

January 23, 2009 — Ed Dudensing has settled a case for the policy limits of $1,000,000 today in connection with the death of an elder as a result of elder abuse and neglect by a health care facility. The case involved an elder who developed a massive pressure sore on her right foot and lower leg that ultimately resulted in the foot falling off while in the nursing home.

Feds grade nursing homes

December 19, 2008
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“Part of the problem with the information that has been previously available is that it hasn’t always been useful, because it hasn’t always been accessible. It was hard to do a comparison,” said Ed Dudensing, a Sacramento elder abuse attorney who specializes in nursing home cases.

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Neglected dependent secures substantial recovery from board and care and nursing home

April 18, 2008 — Mr. Dudensing has secured a collective recovery of $1.85 million on behalf of a dependent adult as the result of reckless neglect she suffered at a board and care home followed by a nursing home. “This is a tragic case, in which the mother of a daughter with cerebral palsy entrusted her daughter to a board and care while the mother travelled to see her family in Mexico. As a result of the neglect the victim suffered, she now is on life support and unable to communicate to the outside world. She will never be able to return home.”

Elder abuse by nursing home chain results in large recovery

April 20, 2007 — Dudensing Law announced that it secured a $2.5 million recovery on behalf of plaintiffs against a nursing home chain for the reckless neglect of an elder. The decedent suffered Stage IV pressure sores on both heals that resulted in a double amputation and death. During his investigation, Mr. Dudensing uncovered widespread falsification of records.

Recovery against health care provider for elder abuse

August 4, 2006 — Plaintiff has secured a recovery of $1.45 million against a large acute health care provider and an affiliated nursing home relating to the neglect of an elder, announced Ed Dudensing, attorney for plaintiff. “This is an important recovery because it affirms that acute health care providers, not just nursing home operators, will be held accountable if they neglect the elderly, who are among the most vulnerable members of our population.”

Settlement against national nursing home chain for elder abuse

July 28, 2005 — The plaintiffs in a nursing home elder abuse action venued in San Joaquin County have settled out of court with a nationwide nursing home chain for $1.35 million. During the litigation, plaintiffs demonstrated that their mother was severely neglected, resulting in her acquiring a large Stage IV pressure sore on her sacrum, as well as being dehydrated and malnourished. “This case sends a message to nursing homes that when they neglect an elder it is not just business as usual,” noted Ed Dudensing, the attorney for the plaintiffs.