I never felt like they forgot about me

The lines of communication were always open.

They were very good at keeping me informed, how long it was going to take, if there was going to be any delays, they let me know.

They were very straightforward, they gave me an estimate on a monetary amount, or a range that they thought the case was good for, and they just really kept me up to date – I would get an email or a phone call and if I didn’t hear anything for a while, I would just email or call them and they would call me right back and give me an update.

It was great. I didn’t feel like they forgot about me.

I wanted it brought to light

I’m not litigious. I wasn’t doing it for the money.

When I met with him I felt very comfortable with him. I felt like he was being straightforward with me.

I’m not litigious. I wasn’t doing it to get any money, I wanted it brought to light that my father wasn’t taken care of.

So I felt comfortable with Ed and that made me feel confident that he was on the up and up and that I could trust him with my case.


Talking about it really helps.

I called and I spoke with Kari and she asked me what exactly went on and stuff and I was telling her. In a way I was kind of blaming myself… I should have stepped up to the plate. I should have been overlooking the nurse’s care on my mom.

Kari reassured me that I did absolutely nothing wrong. She said I hired these people to take care of my mom and they didn’t do what they represented themselves to do.

It was very hard because I was taking part guilt in it all. After she listened to what I told her had happened, she definitely eased my feelings.

They’re concerned about you as a person

They’re concerned about you as a person and a human and not just as a client.

I enjoyed everybody I worked with. The people I talked to; in fact, I’ve talked to a couple of them since.

You’re always welcome. They’re always concerned about how you are doing. They’re always concerned that you have all the tools that you may need and all of the support you need as you go through the process.

They’re concerned about you as a person and a human and not just as a client. You’re always kept informed, up-to-date, you’re always brought into the conversation, you’re not just told what to do. So exemplarily.

It wasn’t just professional, and I don’t want to say “part of the family,” but you are. They bring you into Dudensing Law to be in the process and apart of the process and you’re valued as a member of that team.


Knowing what’s happening, and what to expect.

Ed would tell me what was going to happen that day. He always forewarned me.

In the beginning I told him just before the trial started, I was kind of worried about some of the things I might hear. He said you’re going to hear things you’re not even going to believe and I didn’t think too much of it. I let things that are unpleasant [made sound of something flying away], that’s how I am.

And then when I got into court, boy I’ll tell you there were a couple people that were on that stand that if I could’ve just stood up and walked over there and just slapped them, I would’ve done it. Because they lied, they all lied, and Ed proved it. There was a doctor, he had on the stand, that literally perjured himself.

Ed was so great the way he handled these people. So calm.

My main goal

I didn’t want anyone else treated the way my mom was being treated.

It’s a weird feeling.

In a way you kind of feel relieved – what you set out to do, finally got accomplished.

My main goal was that that company wasn’t going to practice anymore and because of my law suit they have changed ownership now. So at least I know that no one is going to be treated the way my mom was being treated.

So that was one big thing Ed was able to do – get them to sell to another company.

That was a big thing. That was kind of one thing I wanted to make sure. That this wasn’t going to happen to somebody else.

Research and results

Research and really knowing the case is a huge part of getting results.

He first explained that he would be interviewing many parties and there would be an investigation of course of our claims. And of course, there’s logs of when they take care of a disabled person like my sister and there were and they did extensive meetings, conversations with the parties involved and with us, the clients,

I filled out extensive paperwork for him to the best of my knowledge, regarding my sister, and how she was prior to going into these homes to show before and after effects. And he did have, I believe, extensive conversations with the parties involved.

The sad part is, my sister can never come home. She has to live in a hospital due to the care she was given. The good part is, she will be taken care of very well and all of her material needs can be met, if they ever arise.

The grieving process

It’s never easy.

The grieving process is a whole different thing. It’s still an ongoing thing, even though it’s been 8 years. I’m still surprised because I look at other people and their spouse passes away and they’re moving on after a year or 2 or 3.

That’s not happening for me.

There were no mistakes

Knowledge, experience, and understanding means no mistakes are made.

I was impressed that he so knowledgeable, and had the experience, and his people were right on the money.

They didn’t make any mistakes that I saw or that I was aware of throughout the whole process. They were very patient, and very kind. His strengths for as young as he is, were awesome.

They helped me tendentiously throughout this whole process. Everyone that works for him, they are very caring individuals. It’s just a whole different atmosphere than what you would expect. I was very glad that I had those kinds of people working for me.

From the very beginning

I felt warm, I felt welcome, I felt secure.

Yes, from the very beginning, every single meeting and interaction with Ed and his team was just incredible. I felt warm, I felt welcome, I felt secure.

Hands down, he is so far above and beyond the level of any other attorney that I spoke with. All the way from the very beginning.

The way he worked with me and my family – my brother is mentally disabled and they worked with my brother extremely effectively. Yeah, the difference was incredible.

It could take years

It’s important to understand that a case may take years to be resolved.

Everything, he didn’t keep anything hidden, he told us it could take years, to go through this process, and each time you have to go to make a deposition, or a meeting, it stirs up old painful memories and so he wanted to make that absolutely clear…and the judgment, whatever it is, through a mediation or actually going to trial, could have the potential of being in our favor.

We understood that, we relied on his expertise, his credentials, and success rate to establish the best case possible for us.

An elevated level of professionalism

When we sat down for our meeting, there was already a very strong structure in place.

Moving into the process with Ed was on a completely elevated level of professionalism.

First, I presented all of my documents to them and then they went through the process of ordering everything from all of the different divisions that had been involved in my father’s care and then reviewed that.

When we sat down for our meeting, there was already a very strong structure in place to support the meeting. I didn’t feel like we were flailing.

Good days, bad days

Pursuing a case to its conclusion is not always easy.

Ed and I had a talk at the beginning of the month, I went to his office, he told me, the one thing that you must remember, is that money does not bring happiness. And I tried to assure him that I am aware of that, I am aware of that.

And he said, there are going to be days when you’re really going to be in a deep depression. And he said, I want you to know that you can always call me. I’ll always be here for you.

Well, I think I saw him on a Tuesday, and that following Sunday, I fell apart because I had already been through – I knew what my mother had gone through, so I had accepted that somewhat, I thought. And then it was the trial, and what these bastards were going to have to pay.

That Sunday after I met with Ed, then it hit me, what my mom had to go through for me to get this money, and then it hit me all over again.

So then that Sunday I wouldn’t answer my phone, cried a lot. As soon as I just thought of her, the tears were just rolling down my face and I said, mom please forgive me I’m so sorry. And then Monday I just stayed in bed and then Tuesday I was ok.

Honesty not fluff

I’m a straight shooter, so I appreciated the fact that they just told me the truth.

They were very nice, very personable.

I just really liked the team, they felt like a family, honestly. I was very comfortable going to them, they kept me updated in a timely manner, and I felt like they were very straightforward with me the whole time.

I’m not a fluff person, I’m a straight shooter, so I appreciated the fact that they just told me the truth.

The littlest details

Attention to the smallest details can make the difference.

Call Ed. I mean he, detail, I’m not kidding you, the littlest thing, he picked up and brought it out and these people could not answer those questions. I mean questions I didn’t even think about. And I would sit there and I thought, oh my god how did he think of that stuff?

Oh absolutely, in fact I’ve done it to a couple of people when they’ve told me that. I said, you have a problem? I said, call Ed Dudensing, I said he is the best attorney, you will not be sorry.

And I mean that and I’m not sitting her saying it because you’re recording this, I will tell anybody that wants to listen. You want results, this is the guy, I’m not kidding. I am not kidding.

I felt really comfortable there

You really need that when you’re entering into something like this.

I would tell them to go see Ed! Definitely.

No. Just like I said, you feel really comfortable there and you really need that when you’re entering into something as scary like that.

You don’t know what to expect, especially when he’s saying, “are you willing to go to court in front of the jurors?” And you’re sitting there and thinking, “wow, am I going to take it that far?” And when there’s something you want to get across, you bet! I was 100% we’re going to go to trial.

They told me that whatever you want this is your case, you tell us, we’re here to back you up. And that’s what they did.

A man of integrity

Ed Dudensing knows his trade, is forceful, and stands up for his clients

He’s a man of integrity, he stands up for his clients, or client, I can’t speak for others, but he certainly stood up for us.

He was forceful, he knows his trade, and that’s why we decided to go with him, that’s why we continued to go with him to the very end.

“What eventually made me choose Ed was his approach, his success rate, his candor, his honesty.”

Alan Tomiyama

“They lied, they all lied, and Ed proved it.”

Betty Pao

“Mr. Dudensing is incredibly competent at what he does. His expertise and knowledge of the law is quite an amazing thing to witness. He’s a true artist at what he does.”

Dave Kear

“Ed’s a nice guy and you can rely on what he says. He does his paperwork. We went to the deposition, and that night he called me and said, it didn’t upset you did it? And I said, no you didn’t let them upset me. He knew stuff, and he studied my papers, and he got them from the attorney and the doctor. He did his job; I didn’t have to do any of it. He worked hard on it.”

Bill Hobbs

“Ed came highly recommended in his area of expertise and after our initial meeting it was very evident why this was so. Ed and the entire staff took ownership of my case from the start. Ed’s background and legal “know-how” in representing victims of crime cannot be surpassed. I was able to rest assured that all the attention that was necessary was put into my case and this enabled me to finally begin the healing process necessary for survival.”


“Finally someone was listening and not telling me that I was over-reacting. He would sit for hours investigating what my mom went through, reading her medical records. Ed always kept me informed of his findings and how the case was going. When the whole thing was over I asked Mr. Dudensing if he could come to the cemetery with me so that I could introduce him to my mother. He didn’t say I was crazy, but instead said that he would love to. He took her some flowers and I introduced them and I could almost hear my mother thanking him for being our angel.”

Hilda Nieves

“Dearest Ed, Thank you, thank you, thank you! It still hasn’t sunk in that this ordeal is finally over. You rocked and Della and I know how lucky we are to have found you. I know this phase was about money, but I feel like you were all in it for all the other right reasons. Thank you. We spread Dad’s ashes on Thursday before we left and I know he’s proud of all the hard work we’ve all done. He’s now one with the ocean water and the ships he loved that sail through the bay.”

Nicole DeSaix-Sheridan

When I met with him I felt very comfortable with him. I felt like he was being straightforward with me. I’m not litigious. I wasn’t doing it to get any money, I wanted it brought to light that my father wasn’t taken care of, so I felt comfortable with Ed and I actually liked the fact that he screened me also to make sure I wasn’t a lunatic. So that made me feel confident that he was on the up and up and that I could trust him with my case.

Michelle Starke