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largest elder abuse verdict against a skilled nursing facility in Sacramento County history (29.1 million)

largest elder abuse verdict against an assisted living facility in Sacramento County history (42.5 million)

Ed Dudensing is the most successful elder abuse trial attorney in the history of the state of California.

How Ed Dudensing’s verdicts stack up against other elder abuse verdicts

The first and second largest elder abuse verdicts in the history of Sacramento

Largest assisted living facility verdict in the history of California

Second largest nursing home verdict in the history of California

Largest nursing home verdict in the history of the greater San Francisco Bay Area & Sacramento area

Largest assisted living facility verdict in the history of the greater San Francisco Bay Area & Sacramento area

Only one of four attorneys in the history of the United States with two top twenty elder abuse verdicts

Largest assisted living facility verdict in the nation

Why Verdicts Matter

Most litigation cases resolve before a trial or jury verdict. Given this, you may ask why Mr. Dudensing’s record-breaking verdicts should matter to you. First, while most cases resolve short of a jury verdict, if your case does not (which is something that is largely out of your or your attorney’s control) you will need an attorney who is capable of trying a complex case of elder abuse before a jury of your peers. This is a very specialized skill that most elder abuse attorneys do not possess. Mr. Dudensing is not only capable of trying elder abuse cases but he has an unparalleled track record of successful outcomes. Second, and equally importantly, Mr. Dudensing’s proven record of trial success drives settlement results as well. The reason is simple – defendants and their insurance companies are sophisticated and they too know “who is who” amongst elder abuse attorneys. The greatest fear (and for good reason) of elder care defendants and their insurance companies is suffering a large, public jury verdict. If they believe that your attorney does not have the experience, skill set, and track record to secure a large jury verdict (which applies to most attorneys), naturally they will view their risk of significant financial exposure as much lower and accordingly will offer less to settle the case before trial. Conversely, if they believe your attorney has the ability to secure a large jury verdict, they will pay more to avoid this risk. The bottom line is that a past record of large jury verdicts by your attorney matters, whether or not your case ends up in trial or is resolved before then.

Why Mr. Dudensing’s Experience As A Criminal Prosecutor Matters

Before beginning his work as an attorney on behalf of victims of elder abuse, Mr. Dudensing spent numerous years as a criminal prosecutor in the Sacramento District Attorneys’ office. In that position, he tried scores of cases, including complex cases of murder, attempted murder, child molest, gang crimes, and elder abuse. These years allowed Mr. Dudensing to hone his skills as a trial lawyer in a way that is very difficult to do in the civil arena because trials are far less frequent in civil law. Performing trials is sometimes compared to learning how to drive or ride a bike. Do you remember the first time you drove a vehicle in traffic? Everything seemed so chaotic and scary! But later as you gained more experience, driving became second nature. The same applies to trials. Trials are demanding experiences, and it takes many, many trials before attorneys are able to be effective in such a high pressure setting. Experienced trial attorneys make trying cases look relatively easy, but they are not! Mr. Dudensing has been through years and years of trial work both in the criminal and civil arenas. He has tried well over fifty cases to verdict. This trial work uniquely suits him to represent victims of elder abuse in civil litigation.


These case studies represent a fraction of Ed Dudensing’s successes. For more, visit our news section, where you can read press coverage of his most notable accomplishments over the past 20 years.

“Ed came highly recommended in his area of expertise and after our initial meeting it was very evident why this was so. Ed and the entire staff took ownership of my case from the start. Ed’s background and legal “know-how” in representing victims of crime cannot be surpassed. I was able to rest assured that all the attention that was necessary was put into my case and this enabled me to finally begin the healing process necessary for survival.”


“What eventually made me choose Ed was his approach, his success rate, his candor, his honesty.”

Alan Tomiyama

“Mr. Dudensing is incredibly competent at what he does. His expertise and knowledge of the law is quite an amazing thing to witness. He’s a true artist at what he does.”

Dave Kear

“My main goal was that that company wasn’t going to practice anymore and because of my law suit they have changed ownership now. So at least I know that no one is going to be treated the way my mom was being treated. So that was one big thing Ed was able to do – get them to sell to another company. That was a big relief.”

Carrie Flynn

“Finally someone was listening and not telling me that I was over-reacting. He would sit for hours investigating what my mom went through, reading her medical records. Ed always kept me informed of his findings and how the case was going. When the whole thing was over I asked Mr. Dudensing if he could come to the cemetery with me so that I could introduce him to my mother. He didn’t say I was crazy, but instead said that he would love to. He took her some flowers and I introduced them and I could almost hear my mother thanking him for being our angel.”

Hilda Nieves

“They helped me tremendously throughout this whole process. Everyone that works for him, they are very caring individuals. It’s just a whole different atmosphere than what you would expect. I was very glad that I had those kinds of people working for me.”

Judi Goldman

“Dearest Ed, Thank you, thank you, thank you! It still hasn’t sunk in that this ordeal is finally over. You rocked and Della and I know how lucky we are to have found you. I know this phase was about money, but I feel like you were all in it for all the other right reasons. Thank you. We spread Dad’s ashes on Thursday before we left and I know he’s proud of all the hard work we’ve all done. He’s now one with the ocean water and the ships he loved that sail through the bay.”

Nicole DeSaix-Sheridan

“They lied, they all lied, and Ed proved it.”

Betty Pao