When choosing an elder abuse attorney to represent someone you love, one thing matters above all others – jury verdicts. When it comes to jury verdicts, Dudensing Law dominates.

No other elder abuse attorney currently practicing in the United States has more than one eight-figure elder abuse verdict. Ed Dudensing has three.

The greatest fear of elder care defendants and their insurance companies is to suffer a large, public jury verdict. This is why verdicts matter.

Most elder abuse cases never go to trial, but even so, your lawyer’s history of verdicts is still important.

Verdicts establish our lawyer’s reputation and demonstrate your team’s ability to win, which translates into your ability to get justice for the person you love.

Defendants and their insurance companies are sophisticated and they know “who is who” amongst elder abuse attorneys.

With Ed Dudensing on your case, opposing counsel will know you are capable of winning in court, and so will negotiate more favorably.

‘Engaged in abusive chemical restraint practices… because it was dangerously understaffed’ and had numerous other systemic failures while failing to remedy the problem.

Verdict: $42.5 million in punitive damages »

‘Overwhelming… devastatingly powerful’ evidence of chronic understaffing, lax documentation practices, and corporate greed.

Verdict: $28 million in punitive damages »

Focused on one cause.

The people we represent come from all walks of life, but they all have one thing in common: their loved one was a victim of elder abuse or neglect in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Ed Dudensing is a former Deputy District Attorney who represents victims of elder abuse in nursing homes. Free evaluation from a nursing home abuse lawyer with landmark verdicts to his name.

Dedicated to fighting for you

Our cases are more than cases. They are families, loved ones, and memories. Dudensing Law pursues these cases to hold those responsible for elder abuse and neglect accountable for their actions. Ed Dudensing has dedicated the last seventeen years of his career solely to representing the vulnerable residents of health care facilities in elder abuse litigation.

Ed understands that to fight the large corporations who run nursing homes, he needs to have a large team of highly qualified attorneys and staff capable of prosecuting elder abuse cases to the full extent of the law. The team at Dudensing Law is better equipped than anyone to ensure that the corporation who harmed your loved one will be held fully accountable for its wrongdoing.

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Unparalleled record of success

Dudensing Law has an unparalleled record of trial success in elder abuse cases.  Dudensing Law fights harder than anyone to hold health care providers accountable when they neglect or abuse an elder.

Ed Dudensing is a veteran of the courtroom, having tried well over fifty cases to verdict. Ed Dudensing’s trial results include the two largest elder abuse verdicts in Sacramento County history ($42.5 million and $29.1 million), the largest assisted living facility verdict in the nation and the largest skilled nursing facility verdict in Sacramento County history.

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Fighting nursing home abuse

Elder abuse in nursing homes is simply unacceptable. California’s nursing homes are bound by law to uphold certain minimum living standards and prevent abuse, neglect, isolation, abandonment, and financial exploitation. Those who violate elder abuse laws can face criminal proceedings resulting in prison time and fines, or be held to account in civil court. 

Our nursing home abuse lawyers are committed to holding perpetrators of nursing home abuse to account. By taking on the large chains that own many of California’s elder care facilities, Dudensing Law can help disincentivize the pursuit of profit-before-care business practices, improve the living standards of thousands of seniors, and punish those who commit and enable abuse.

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Standing up for seniors

We understand how upsetting it is to discover your loved one has been a victim of abuse. If there has been a violation of the law, we will do everything in our power to stand up for you and your family.

You are not alone. Every year, across the country, thousands of vulnerable nursing home residents become victims of negligence and abuse. Those responsible for abusing the voiceless depend on silence to get away with their crimes. Part of our mission at Dudensing Law is to expose the full extent of the elder abuse crisis facing our rapidly aging population. We believe this is an urgent issue that must be addressed. The damning statistics on nationwide elder abuse agree.

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Representing California

Dudensing Law represents victims of elder abuse from all over Northern California, including San Francisco and the Bay Area. Contact us for a free case evaluation from a San Francisco nursing home abuse lawyer with a proven track record and landmark results.

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