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Ed Dudensing speaks with The Sacramento Bee about newly filed lawsuit against Oakland nursing home, alleging drugging by staff led to death of 64-year-old resident

July 12, 2024
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Alando Williams died at Windsor Healthcare Center of Oakland after allegedly being overmedicated to prevent wandering. Dudensing Law represents Mr. Williams’ daughter Kyomi in a lawsuit against the facility. Despite arriving with a treatment plan, the nursing home reportedly failed to follow necessary safety measures, opting instead to administer unauthorized doses of sedatives and opioids. Ed Dudensing spoke with The Sacramento Bee regarding the facility’s neglect and mistreatment of Williams’ father, who was known in the Berkeley community for his gentle demeanor.

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Jury Awards $30 Million in Nursing Home Suit

January 24, 2023
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On January 24th, a Sacramento jury returned verdicts totaling in excess of $30 million against the owners of Pine Creek Care Center and their various corporate entities. The Superior Court jury returned a verdict of $5.9 million in compensatory damages, and a $25 million verdict for punitive damages. Elder abuse attorney Ed Dudensing argued that the facility and its owners prioritized profits over patient care, implementing staff cuts that made the nursing home unsafe for residents.

“We hope and pray that both the nursing home and the private equity industries will receive the message sent by the jury that it is simply wrong to prioritize profits over patient care,” Dudensing said.

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Feds grade nursing homes

December 19, 2008
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“Part of the problem with the information that has been previously available is that it hasn’t always been useful, because it hasn’t always been accessible. It was hard to do a comparison,” said Ed Dudensing, a Sacramento elder abuse attorney who specializes in nursing home cases.

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