Dudensing Law reaches $2 million settlement in connection with the neglect of two assisted living facilities leading to a client massive overdosing on Tylenol

September 9, 2023

Ed Dudensing announced today that his office has reached settlement with two Sacramento area assisted living facilities in connection with their neglect of his elderly client. Shortly after her admission to the assisted living facility, the victim suffered a significant fall. The assisted living center’s failure to manage their client’s resulting pain set into motion catastrophic mental and physical consequences for her.

Dudensing Law’s investigation uncovered that the facility kept no records of the fall, her assessments, or a plan for care. They failed to take action to protect her against future falls or manage her ongoing chronic pain.

Thereafter, the new owners of the assisted living facility in question, were fully aware of the victim’s suicidal tendences and the need for the facility to fully maintain her medications and administer them at the dates and times required. Despite this, the assisted living facility allowed the victim access to a full bottle of Tylenol and according to medical records she promptly took over 100 tables in one setting. As a result, the victim tragically died within 24 hours of being transported to an acute hospital.

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