Assisted living abuse attorney secures $1.75million to family of deceased Alzheimer’spatient

March 30, 2023

March 30th, 2023 – Mr. Dudensing announced that his office has reached settlement with a Sacramento County assisted living center for the neglect, injury, and death of an elderly man receiving Alzheimer’s care.

Mr. Dudensing’s investigations revealed that despite the center being fully aware of the fluid requirement of their client, no proper treatment was made to correct his deteriorating condition. The victim suffered multiple bouts of preventable dehydration, multiple falls, and injury from altercations with other clients in the facility. No action was taken to protect the victim, create an individualized care plan, or inform his doctor and family of his injuries. The injuries ultimately led to his death in the facility. Dudensing Law discovered medical records showing the victim had been suffering for weeks from dehydration and hematoma from repeated falls and altercations.

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